OAuth2 with Flask, Ember and torii 06 Jun 2015

In this article I walk through setting up OAuth2 authentication with Flask, EmberJS, ember-simple-auth and torii.

Product Testing in Python, Pt. 1 28 Aug 2013

In this article present some of the challenges involved in building product testing solutions in Python. Specifically, I will try to discuss some of the shortcomings of unittest and related tools in that regard.

Mailboxer 20 Nov 2012

In several occasions I found myself needing to test solutions that send emails to various locations. Sometimes it's events or alerts, and sometimes it's other sorts of notifications or periodic information.

Comfytube 17 Nov 2012

Any one of you who has kids must know that from time to time you just feel like putting your toddler in front of some kind of entertainment so that you have a few moments of quiet time. Various means exist to do just that, from television shows to smartphone games.

Python Dash Docsets 10 Nov 2012

I recently found out about Dash, which turned out to be an unexpectedly efficient productivity booster. It has an awesome snippet mechanism, but the main selling point for me was the instantly-invoked, HUD-style documentation browsing.

Nosetests Log Capture Pitfall 29 Oct 2012

I use nosetests a lot, and one of its nice features is the ability to capture logs emitted during tests, and output them in case of failure to help you understand what's going on.

Symlink Editing with dired and iedit 11 Oct 2012

I recently used a little trick to manipulate symlinks from within emacs using dired and iedit, which may come in handy in some situations, so I thought I'd share it here.

pytoggle 03 Sep 2012

A small utility for toggling between Python virtualenvs

Introducing Dwight 01 Aug 2012

Introducing Dwight - The Friendly Chroot Wrapper

Broken, Master is 28 Jan 2012


HTPC on Zotac Overview 21 Aug 2011

Zotac ZBOX ID-41 + Ubuntu 11.04 + XBMC Quick Overview

Easy Being a Neighbor (Hebrew Post) 15 Aug 2011

היום השכנים והחברים הטובים שלנו מאיה ויניב עזבו את הארץ לשלוש שנות שליחות בחו"ל. החלטתי להקדיש את הפוסט הזה (בעברית, תסלחו לי) לאנשים הנהדרים האלה.

Back to Snow Leopard 05 Aug 2011

I recently upgraded to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). Unlike many other people complaining, I found the new interface quite nice and intuitive, and had decided to stick with it.

Conscience 24 May 2011


Butterflies 24 May 2011


Mac Setup Round 2 - Layouts and Shortcuts 10 May 2011

After the previous post I decided to describe a little bit further about the configuration of the desktop layouts, and the shortcuts used to trigger various actions around the environment. Most of this relies on BetterTouchTool and QuickSilver.

Mac Setup 20 Apr 2011

My basic Mac setup

Stop Worshipping the Singleton Pattern 26 Nov 2010

It's about time I wrote this down - I've been thinking this for quite some time, and I found myself repeatedly stating and explaining it to people. Recently, when the discussion came up yet again, I decided to write it down.

Announcing the Forge Mocking Library 08 Sep 2010

I assume most of the people interested in testing code (which should be just about anyone writing code) is familar with the concept of Mocking. It is a pretty powerful concept, and although not always feasible depending on the language and/or circumstances, when used leads to more confidence in code and collaborations within it.

I Hate SFR 18 Aug 2009

In a recent trip to France I made use of the (Non-Free) WiFi provided by my hotel, operated by the shitty company known as SFR.

Lihi 03 Aug 2009


Piper 31 Jul 2009


git-trash - Get Rid of Junk, Git Style 20 Jul 2009

First I have to admit that this tip is not mine. It's been going around in the IRC, and I also saw a similar thing in Github.

gitpy 03 Jul 2009

I like git a lot. I really think it is a major improvement over most existing SCM solutions, especially the old ones.

Shemer Exists 25 Jun 2009

For those of you who know what this means, I uploaded the site to the big bad internet, for you to enjoy . For those of you who don't, I'll just let you wonder...

Mac Display crash resolved? 21 Jun 2009

Ever since I got my Macs, I was troubled by a recurring, frequent, crash related to display changes (connecting and disconnecting external displays). This has turned up as a known issue, and lacking any real solution, I just managed with rebooting every few days, since I plug and unplug external displays quite frequently.

Storage Skins 03 Jun 2009

StorageSkins, which started out as an internal joke where I work, has now been brought online. I admit it's not THAT funny, but it's nice, and sure was funny with a lot less oxygen, like when we conceived it. Enjoy!

Ok, so now what? 02 Jun 2009

So I bought web hosting, and couldn't fight the urge to press the 'setup wordpress blog' button... You're looking at the result.

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