I Hate SFR

In a recent trip to France I made use of the (Non-Free) WiFi provided by my hotel, operated by the shitty company known as SFR.

Not only that the price of 65 Euros for 7 days of internet is outrageous in my opinion, the far-below-acceptable quality of the service itself was crappier than I imagined.

Upon connecting, you're redirected to a form where you must enter your username/password that you obtained in the purchasing process. So far so good.

Quickly enough I discovered that the plot thickens. After every 15 minutes of inactivity, you were redirected to the validation page again. Ok, this is frustrating, but I'm still with you...

What really broke me is that you get redirected whenever you switch a user agent (!!), so working in parallel from FF and IE brought extra-shitty results. I thought I was going to rip my eyeballs out when I discovered that from time to time, you just get redirected regardless of activity pattern. It's as if they designed this piece of shit to detect when you're surfing quietly, and then disrupt your user experience on purpose.

Using AJAX sites like Facebook or Gmail fucks things up even worse - as some background requests encounter the fucking login page.

I couldn't find an e-mail address for complaints, as the portal page is extremely thorough in not providing one. The search for address did crop up the validation page 2-3 times. SFR is indeed a bunch of bastards, trying to annoy you as much as possible at a given period of time.

If you're in France - avoid these sons of bitches. Fuck it - even use your roaming cell phone for web access - at least it won't ask you for the damn login time and again.


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