Mac Setup Round 2 - Layouts and Shortcuts

After the previous post I decided to describe a little bit further about the configuration of the desktop layouts, and the shortcuts used to trigger various actions around the environment. Most of this relies on BetterTouchTool and QuickSilver.

I use ^⌥⌘ for prefixing the layout commands:

CombinationBound to...

^⌥⌘-> Maximize window right

^⌥⌘<- Maximize window left

This already gives me the 'side by side' setup I use many times (switch to emacs, ^⌥⌘->, switch to terminal, ^⌥⌘<-). To further refine this, when I work with an external display (which is bigger, of course), I added the setting for using the screen corners:

CombinationBound to...

^⌥⌘[Numpad 9] Resize window to top right corner

^⌥⌘[Numpad 7] Resize window to top left corner

^⌥⌘[Numpad 3] Resize window to bottom right corner

^⌥⌘[Numpad 1] Resize window to bottom left corner

Besides those times mentioned above, I always work with apps in maximized mode, so I let BTT help me here as well, and bound ^⌥⌘M to 'maximize window'. In addition, I bound ^⌥⌘⇧M to 'maximize to next monitor', so that I can quickly switch apps between monitors without dragging stuff.

Media keys are missing on some of the keyboards, and on some they don't work well. I dedicated the "three finger swipe gestures" with modifiers to those:

CombinationBound to...

⌘[3F Swipe ->] Next Song

⌘[3F Swipe <-] Previous Song

⌘[3F Swipe ↑] Volume Up

⌘[3F Swipe ↓] Volume Down

⌥[3F Swipe ↓] Play/Pause

I use "three finger tip-tap left" to open my homedir in Finder, which is very useful often.

And coolest of all: the "rotate left" gesture is assigned to 'sleep display' (thus locking the computer).


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